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We believe that purpose-driven brands need the best talent and solutions to make the highest level of impact. Do you know an early-stage organization looking to step out of business as usual to help create collective good in the world? Let them know about Good Kind and if they partner with us, you’ll receive a sweet referral fee. All it takes is an email!

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🌱 About the program

The Good Kind Partner Program is an opportunity for you to help courageous brands create collective good. By introducing organizations that partner with us, you will earn a 7% referral fee on the first project we complete with them.

⚙️ How It Works

Make an Introduction

Introduce us to a potential client via email. Remember to copy us ([email protected]) on the email.

We Collaborate

We'll reach out to them and explore how and if we can help them create more impact.

Earn 7%

Once the referred client signs on for a project, you'll earn a 7% referral fee on the total cost of their first project.

💝 Benefits of the program

As a partner, you're not just earning a referral fee. You're helping us inspire and support regenerative businesses contributing to a kind and harmonious world, inside and out.

Earn a Referral Fee

Earning 7% on a potentially large project for just an intro feels really good!

Make an Impact

And it feels even better when it supports brands that are ready to make a real difference.

Get Support

We'll provide you with resources and support to help you make successful referrals.

💸 Potential earnings

Your earnings depend on the size of the project that your referral signs on for. Here are a few examples to give you an idea: